Oil Pastels Christmas Ornaments
"Christmas Ornaments" 8x10 Oil Pastels

Oil Pastels Artist is for oil pastel artists of all stripes. From oil pastel beginners just picking up oil pastels for the first time, to artists familiar with the medium who wanted to learn more, to professional oil pastelists looking for new tips and techniques, this site is dedicated to all things oil pastels.

My name is Eric Greene, and I am an artist who loves working in oil pastels the most. My personal website is at www.EricDGreene.com.

In 2008 I took a Drawing 2 class and got introduced to this fantastic medium, oil pastels. My first piece was the Christmas Ornaments drawing that you see here. I realized right away the power and potential of the oil pastels medium. With oil pastels, an artist has the best of both worlds of drawing and of oil painting. On the one hand, you hold the pastel in your hands and draw with them, but on the other hand, you get the color, vibrancy, and luxuriousness of oil paints! Wow! I moved on to another oil pastels piece and was completely sold on the medium since then.

Forward fast to today, where I still love creating oil pastel art, and combine this love with my knowledge and expertise as a web developer and blogger, and I hopefully have found a perfect match with which to share my oil pastels techniques, lessons and tips.

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